Hall of Fame
The NFFC opened its Hall of Fame in 2014 with seven worthy champions in the inaugural class. Inducted into the NFFC Hall of Fame were the following players and their accomplishments through 2016:
  1. Excellence through time in the NFFC main events.
  2. Consistency through time in the NFFC main events.
  3. Winning titles in the NFFC.
  4. Winning prize money in the NFFC.
  5. Excellence in several NFFC formats; consistency in multiple formats
  6. At least 5 years of competition in the NFFC

NFFC Hall of Fame members are selected by NFFC officials with input from current NFFC members during the year of induction. Each year we will look at the accomplishments of our veteran players and honor those owners whose accomplishments are spectacular compared to all other players. So far, four owners have distinguished themselves as the very, very best of the best in NFFC history. The current list of NFFC Hall of Famers include:

Jules McLean
Career Earnings $55,900.00


  • Entered: leagues since 2005
  • Won: 5 Classic league titles (55.5%)

Jules has been with the NFFC for 13 years, having joined our competition in 2005. She became the first person to win 5 Classic League titles, winning 5 of her first 9 14-team league titles. The Classic is our toughest competition and Jules was winning league titles at a .555 clip where your odds of winning a league title are 7%. She has won $55,900, in her career and one of these days she’s going to win an overall title. She’s an assistant to Hollywood film director Quentin Tarantino, she’s recognized as the best female fantasy player in the industry, and she’s an NFFC Hall of Famer.

Chad Schroeder
Career Earnings $782,400.00


  • Entered: Played since 2019
  • Won: 7 Classic, 4 Primetime, 2010 Overall Primetime

Chad is the only one on this list who has been competing with us for 9 years or less, but he truly is so good that he deserves this honor in such a short time. He’s recognized throughout the industry as one of the very best fantasy football players around and that includes several different season long games. Chad has won 10 Classic League titles and 7 Primetime league titles since 2009 and he won the 2010 Primetime overall title when that grand prize was $50,000. He finished 4th overall in the Classic in 2013 and 2nd overall in the Online Championship. He’s also won 3 Diamond League titles (2011, 2013, 2015), 3 Ultimate League titles (2013 and 2014, 2017), and one Super League title (2011). He’s first on the all-time NFFC Career Money List with $782,400 in 9 seasons and 1st in the NFBC Career Earnings List. He won $305,000 in the NFBC in 2015 as he won overall titles in the NFBC Primetime and the Rotowire Online Championship, winning an additional $75,000 cash bonus for that double-double. Nobody has won more money in season-long fantasy sports than Chad Schroeder, which makes him an easy choice for the NFFC Hall of Fame.

Chris Vaccaro
Career Earnings $222,500.00


  • Entered: Played since 2004
  • Won: 4 Primetime

Chris has been with us since 2004 and is tenth on the Career Money List with $222,500 in winnings. He’s won 4 Primetime league titles and he was our overall champion and $100,000 winner in 2012. He then came back and led the Primetime regular season points race in 2013 before finishing 10th overall. Chris also finished 4th overall in the Primetime in 2010 and has won Super League titles in 2010 and 2012, and a Classic league title in 2006. He’s won of the best in any format, but his best success lately has been in the 12-team format.

Tom Yates
Career Earnings $147,900.00


  • Entered: Played since 2008
  • Won: 3 Primetime, 2 Classic

Tom is a Steelers’ die-hard who always wears Steelers uniforms to the live drafts. Lately he’s been wearing those gaudy throwback jerseys and he looks like a large bumble bee. But he’s one of the funniest guys in our industry and one of the very best players as well. He’s 19th on the Career Money Winners List with $147,900 and since joining us in 2006 he’s won 3 Primetime League titles, 2 Classic League titles and our $100,000 grand prize in 2008 as the Classic overall champion.

Derek Anderson / Kyle Pope
Career Earnings $98,150.00


  • Entered: Played since 2004
  • Won: 5 14-team and 12-team Draft Champions, 5 Classic, 3 Primetime, 1 Auction

Derek & Kyle have been with us since 2004 and have won multiple league titles in multiple formats. In fact, during our inaugural season they won a Classic league title, a Draft Champions League title and an Auction League title. We definitely wanted to honor those owners who have proven they can win in any format and Lumpy and Kyle are among the best in that regard. They have won 6 14-team and 12-team Draft Champions League titles, 5 Classic league titles, 4 Primetime league titles and 1 Auction League title. They rank 43rd on the all-time money list at $98,150 after finishing 4th overall in the 2008 Primetime, 5th overall in the 2015 Primetime and 7th overall in the 2005 Classic. Derek had the high point total during the 2015 Primetime regular season and finished 5th in the Championship Round. That was another great finish, but more importantly they’ve won in 12-team, 14-team and in DC formats and auction formats. They’ve done it all.

Michael Edelman
Career Earnings $165,500.00


  • Entered: Played since 2004
  • Won: 4 Primetime, 5 Classic, 4 14-team and 12-team Auction

Michael has been an NFFC and NFBC member since 2004 and he ranks as one of the very best in football and baseball. In the last 14 years, this NFFC Charter Member has won 4 Primetime league titles, 6 Classic league titles and 4 14-team and 12-team Auction league titles, while finishing 3rd overall in the 2006 Classic. He also won the 14-Team Ultimate League title in 2017. He ranks 16th on the all-time money list with $165,500. But like Derek and Kyle before him, Michael has proven that he can win in any league format and he’s among the very best at 12-team, 14-team and auction formats.

Billy Wasosky
Career Earnings $143,525.00


  • Entered: Played since 2004
  • Won: 2 Primetime, 4 Draft Champion

Billy is another 14-year Charter Member of the NFFC who has had consistent success in every format. Billy has won 3 Classic league titles since 2004, 2 Primetime league titles, 4 Draft Champions league titles in a special private league we run each year, a Super League title in 2010 and the debut NFFC 12-Team Kickoff Gridiron league in 2017. He finished 3rd in the Classic overall race in 2013 and is recognized in the industry as one of the toughest players in any format. Billy is 21st on the all-time money list with $143,525. He’s definitely one of the best and a member of our NFFC Hall of Fame.